As the MadLads came together we knew that entering such a crowded market, especially without having bankrolls of money, would be constant battle and long, tiring journey. But, we were fed up with how the industry has fallen away from innovative designs and advancing firearm technology. Gunsmiths and manufacturers have devolved from companies who had earned their customer base through hard work, determination and a strong focus on quality into what has today become a bunch of mouth breathers without an original thought amongst them.  This has caused an industry that once had it's attention set to establishing new inventions and entirely new design concepts into a bunch of knuckle draggers selling remixes of the same 20 year old gun models made with knock off materials and cheap plastic parts. 

A ray of hope shines bright with a particular group of Americans with the recent introduction of 3D printing. Madcow recognizes the talent some of these impressive patriots have displayed with their designs and we applaud their selflessness as they offer these designs to their constituents at little to no cost. So much so that Madcow is committed to assisting this community to the best of our abilities as we have always been and will remain a business created for the people, not for profit. Our promise is to always offer unbiased support of an individual's fundamental rights to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.