3 Gun Services You Should Know About

3 Gun Services You Should Know About

Aug 18th 2022

Firearm customization, repair and services are essentials for good maintenance. Gun owners look for ways to prevent wear and tear of their firearms and ensure their longevity. At Madcow Defenses, we take pride in offering superior gun services to our clients, including cerakote, laser engraving and gunsmithing.

Let’s look into each of these services.

Types of Gun Services To Look For

If you’re looking to customize, repair or get your gun serviced, learn about the following services:

1.Cerakote Service

Cerakote is a type of coating service for firearms, but it’s also applied on plastics, wood, polymers and metals. This specialized ceramic coating is beneficial for firearms because it enhances the physical components of a firearm. For instance, it improves wear and tear.

If you’re looking for firearm customization, cerakote is the right way to do it. It prevents the firearm exterior from being damaged with its exceptionally thin coating. The powerful compound makes firearm cleaning and maintenance easier with a simple wipe down.

Cerakote is also water-resistant, which sustains the longevity and performance of the weapon. You can customize your firearms in Obion County and get various design and color options for cerakote.

2.Gunsmithing Service

Gunsmithing involves the design, assembly, modification, fabrication and repair of firearms. It’s the routine maintenance of a handgun where an expert gunsmith identifies worn-out or defective parts and replaces them with new ones.

A reliable gunsmith will be aware of the varying issues of firearm models and manufacturers. Some firearm owners also request specific modifications for competitive purposes. A gunsmith can specialize in one type of firearm.

Gunsmithing also involves building guns. A gunsmith will offer factory-level renovations and repairs if your gun has deteriorated and is well above its useful life. You can connect with us for gun repair and modification services.

3.Laser Engraving

Laser engraving refers to the process of vaporizing materials into fumes to incise deep and permanent marks on an object. The laser beam is a chisel engraving marks and removing layers from the object’s surface. During the process, the laser hits the target areas with massive energy to generate the high temperature necessary for vaporization.

Private gun owners also use engraving to personalize their firearms for aesthetic purposes. Laser engraving is the common service used to incise markings on a firearm’s surface. The clarity of marking is important in this high accuracy and precision process.

The service providers use gun engraving machines to meet regulatory and technical requirements such as clip tracking marks, serialization, hart coat marking, and traceability QR codes. However, you can also get a fancier engraving on your gun, such as artwork, personal messages, logos, names or images to personalize the firearm.

At Madcow Defenses, we offer laser engraving, cerakote and gunsmithing services to our customers. You can customize your firearms in Obion County and build your own firearm. We also offer custom builder kits and custom Glock slides. Reach out to us today for more information.