The Ultimate Guide to the AR-15

The Ultimate Guide to the AR-15

Jun 10th 2022

Have you been thinking about buying a new AR-15? While many people are fascinated by the rifle, it’s also easy to get overwhelmed by the information if you’re not already well acquainted with all it has to offer. Here’s some information that people need to be aware of:


AR-15s are some of the most easily customizable weapons out there. A majority of their components can be changed. From various attachments, scopes, and other changes, you can make a lot of adjustments as per your need for the AR-15. Because of this element, it’s considered essential for many weapon owners.

Depending on the kind of situation you’re in, you can swap out various parts. Considering the simple-to-understand design of the weapon, replacing different parts is not that difficult once you’ve understood the basics of its functions.

Caliber Conversion

A great aspect of AR 15s is that you can covert the calibers. You can choose from a lot of options. Many people opt for the 9mm option, as it’s considered the best in terms of affordability. Your pistols and rifle share the same ammo, giving you access to a large pool. The conversion process will require a 9mm upper, BCG, buffer, and spring along with a magazine kit.

Many people consider anything below the 5.56 to be a waste of the power that an AR-15 has to offer. It’s versatile for all kinds of uses, making it the top choice for people with the value that it provides while not breaking the bank.


One of the best options for adding longevity and endurance to your AR-15 is to cerakote it. Cerakoting is the process of applying an extremely thin, durable material that acts as a wrap onto your firearm. The best part is that while being fairly resilient against abrasion and corrosion, it has no negative effects on your weapon.

Because it’s so compact, the parts have no additional friction between them and function as smoothly as a stock weapon with no cerakote.

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