Tips for a More Accurate Shot with a Handgun

Tips for a More Accurate Shot with a Handgun

Aug 18th 2022

There’s no exaggeration in the fact that a handgun is too difficult to shoot accurately. There’s little to hang onto and the shorter radius also means higher chances of aiming error. However, there’s still room for improvement and leveling up your game.

If you’re a novice in the world of shooting or you want to improve your handgun shooting accuracy, you can improve your skills withthe following tips:

1.Grip & Stance

Power stance is the first thing you must correct regardless of your shooting experience. If one heel is behind the other, you won’t have a good lateral stance, and eventually, you’ll sway sideways.

You should be in a boxer’s or fighter’s stance or a front stance in karate. Be sure your feet are on solid ground with shoulder and hip width apart. You can lean forward slightly and hold a tight grip to control the recoil.

When holding a handgun, keep your grip high and tight with no spaces between your gun and flesh. Any space will cause the gun to move as it recoils. Keep the grip as hard as possible.

2.Trigger Control

Don’t jerk the trigger. Press the trigger slowly because slower pressures improve accuracy. You’ll learn to know the exact pressure to put the trigger. Eventually, you’ll build muscle memory to develop accuracy.

3.Front Sight

First-time shooters make a common mistake by looking directly at the target. If you’re shooting to boost accuracy, you should line up the rear and front sights. The front sight needs to be in clear focus, whereas the rear sight can be somewhat fuzzy.

Pro Tip: Don’t pull the trigger unless the sights are aligned. If you pull the trigger without aligning your sights, it’ll worsen your shooting habit.

4.Dry Practice

You can try dry shooting without using ammo. Dry fire is the best way to improve your handgun shooting accuracy. You can try them anywhere, and it doesn’t cost. Once you keep up with dry firing practice, you’ll notice a significant improvement in your shooting accuracy.

However, check the firearm manual to confirm whether it’s okay to dry fire your handgun with an empty chamber. Some handguns may require dummy rounds. Dry fire also helps a shooter expect trigger-pull to avoid flinching.

5.Trigger Press/Squeeze

Beginners and sometimes experienced shooters neglect trigger pull despite it being an important aspect of a handgun. If you notice your shot veering off to the right or left and your sights are aligned, blame improper trigger pull.

Learn proper trigger press and squeeze. The center of the pad can be used on the fingertips but it may differ for you depending on finger and hand size.

6.Control Breathing

You should control breathing as it may reduce the accuracy. The movement of your chest can affect the sights. You should follow diaphragmatic breathing, i.e. expand the diaphragm when you inhale and relax your diaphragm when you exhale.

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