The way a firearm represents our rights to bear arms, it also represents our individuality and what better way to embellish that firearm with the design of your choice? One of the top solutions and most sought-after options in this category is cerakoting. Unlike other options, firearms cerakoting services are not detrimental to the performance of your firearms. It’s a specialized coating that’s designed to work with a wide range of materials, including a variety of options that you’ll find on your trusty sidearm or AR. It’s not all about making it look good.

Refinishing can actually breathe new life into your gun from an aesthetic perspective. Essentially, you have a rigid coating over your weapon, which prevents the great outdoors from leading to wear and tear over time. Many of the scuffs and nicks are taken up by the coating, and your gun not only looks great but doesn’t lose performance value.

If you’re searching for custom cerakote application at a reasonable price, look no further. Our team stays hard at work constantly improving our abilities and techniques to deliver incredible results. We respect our client’s requests and will never settle or substitute. We strive to set the standard in custom work and customer care.

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