High-Quality Pistols for Sale

Everyone has different reasoning for why they want one. For some, it is for safety purposes, and they live in a high-crime area and want to protect themselves and their loved ones. For others, it is because they are collectors who see pistols as a work of art and take pride in owning one (or many). Whatever the reason, Madcow Defenses offers pistols for sale to those who want them. We have a wide selection of pistols to choose from, so you will surely find one that meets your needs. We also offer competitive prices, so you can get the pistol you want without breaking the bank.


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  • MAC Upper Receiver


    MAC Upper Receiver

    This is an original 1972 Cobray® OEM design with the top cocking feature. Upper Receiver design

    $242.00 - $269.00

  • 509 MRD-LE3

    FN America

    509 MRD-LE3

    The FN 509 MRD-LE delivers more precision and versatility than any other duty-rated handgun. Buildin

    MSRP: $729.00
  • Baby Rock

    Rock Island Armory

    Baby Rock

    The BBR Series 3.10 is Rock Island's smallest, lightest 45ACP handgun. With its 10+1 capacity, this

    MSRP: $699.00
  • FN 509

    FN America

    FN 509

    The FN 509 is built on the proven architecture of the FNS Compact. FN made changes internally and ex

    MSRP: $721.00
  • Sale
    DR920 Elite

    Shadow Systems

    DR920 Elite

    Designed with officers and servicemembers in mind, the full-sized DR920 is a duty-ready pistol

    MSRP: $1,187.00
    Was: $1,149.00
    Now: $1,049.00