MAC-11 Bolt Assembly

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Aves is proud to offer our improved Mac-11 compatible bolt assembly. The body of these bolts are machined from high quality steel then case hardened to 55 RC making them extremely durable.

Internally we have developed an improved extractor with geometry that provides a repeatable and reliable extraction of spent cases. Also included is our already very popular upgraded firing pin. This firing pin is turned from 17-4 Stainless Steel and heat treated to condition H900 making it the strongest available firing pin for the mac 11 platform.

The guide rod and ejector pin geometry and locations have been optimized to ride in their respective channels with as little resistance possible. Finally, we have included an optimized buffer pad printed from TPU to perfectly fit the pins and dampen the impact of the bolt during the rearward motion (due to supply chain constraints buffer pads may be either white or black, both colors are of similar durometer and will function similarly).

Bolts come fully assembled ready to drop into an upper or similar design.

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