Proper Shipping of Firearms

            Any person may ship firearms directly to a licensee in any State, with no requirement for another licensee to ship the firearm. However, handguns and other concealable firearms are not mailable through the United States Postal Service and must be shipped via private common or contract carrier (18 U.S.C. § 1715).

  1. Please print and complete the form found below along with a copy of your ID. If an item arrives with no form it will automatically be moved to the back of the line where it will remain until we have time to identify the owner, retrieve a copy of their ID and confirm the desired services.

  2. Please be sure to properly clear your weapon(s) and be absolutely certain it is UNLOADED before you ship. 

  3. We recommend shipping 2 day SIGNATURE REQUIRED via UPS or FedEx Only (18 U.S.C § 1715) DO NOT mark or label your package in any way, especially in a way that would hint it's contents as it may risk becoming a target for theft. Madcow Defenses will not be held liable for any lost, stolen or damaged packages.

  4. We inspect and annotate every item as soon as packages are received to ensure no items were damaged during transit. A confirmation email including all items, serial #s and a photo will be sent to inform customers that their package has arrived. 

  5. DO NOT ship any ammo.

  6. In addition to including a copy of a VALID government issued ID, we ask customers to also include a copy of their FFL or preferred FFL's contact information. 

  7. Be sure to include at least TWO (2) methods for us to contact you.